Chart Forecast: CADJPY Selling Opportunity Spotted

Price on the weekly chart has been trending to the downside for some period. Looking at the chart price could possibly move down back to the support level before breaking to the upside. Also noting that we are on a downtrending market so we look for more selling opportunities on the lower timeframe

The 4 Hours chart projection shows a broken ascending channel which we expected to move down but unfortunately price reversed back up and now formed another possible DOUBLE TOP PATTERN. We have identified our top and the neck line. We move down to the 1 Hour chart for entries.

On 1 Hour Chart we observed a reversal pattern at the resistance on our double top. Giving us a good high probability setup to go Short


Anifowose Ope is a professional trader and founder of Forex Optimal, I have been trading the forex market for many years and whatever the challenges new traders are facing I have been there.

I started my trading journey back in 2014 where I begin trading using various indicators that leads to losses in the market. After searching for alternatives, I found price action trading to be the best approach to the forex market My success in the financial market has given me a greater degree of independence than others.

With the knowledge I have acquired in the forex market I want to assist other traders to be able to profit from the market

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Chart Forecast: CADJPY Selling Opportunity Spotted

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