Fundamentals Of Forex

Forex Optimal Outline


The Forex market is the largest worldwide market with over 5 trillion dollars traded each day, this course is for beginners looking to start out in Forex, If you are a beginner looking to start earning as a Forex take this course.

When you take this course you will learn a simple trading strategy that you can use as a beginner to start making money trading Forex.

Module 1 Introduction To Forex Trading
Unit 1 History Of Forex
Unit 2 Bartering System
Unit 3 Commodity System
Unit 4 Coinage
Unit 5 Paper Money
Unit 6 What Is Forex
Module 2 Economics Of Foreign Exchange Rates
Unit 1 Three Primary Economic Factors That Affect Foreign Exchange Rate
Unit 2 Relative Purchasing Power
Unit 3 Investment Opportunities
Unit 4 Desirability Of Goods and Services
Module 3 How Foreign Exchange Rates Are Determined
Unit 1 Fixed Exchange Rates
Unit 2 Floating Exchange Rates
Module 4 Major Market Participants
Unit 1 Market Participants
Unit 2 Function Of Market Participants
Module 5 Forex Trading Sessions
Unit 1 Best / Worse Time To Trade
Unit 2 The Sydney Sessions
Unit 3 The Tokyo Sessions
Unit 4 The London Sessions
Unit 5 The New York Sessions
Unit 6 Factors Affecting Country's Economy
Module 6 Forex vs Forex Trading
Unit 1 Forex
Unit 2 Forex Trading
Unit 3 What Is Traded In The Forex Market
Module 7 Currency Pairs
Unit 1 Major Currency Pairs
Unit 2 Minor Currency Pairs
Module 8 How To Profit From Forex Trading
Unit 1 How To Profit From The Forex Trading
Module 9 Some Forex Vocabularies
Unit 1 Volatility
Unit 2 Liquidity
Unit 3 Spread
Unit 4 Volume
Module 10 Retail Traders, Brokers And The Forex Market
Unit 1 Retails Traders
Unit 2 Brokers
Unit 3 Forex Market
Module 11 How Forex Trading Works
Unit 1 How Does Forex Trading Works
Unit 2 The Bulls & The Bears
Module 12 Pips and Pipettes
Unit 1 What Are PIPS
Unit 2 Simple Calculation Of PIPS
Module 13 Lots and Leverages
Unit 1 Understanding Lots Sizes
Unit 2 Unit Correspondence Of Lots
Unit 3 Volume Correspondence Of Lots
Unit 4 What Are Leverages
Unit 5 Leverage Sample
Module 14 How Is Pip Valued
Unit 1 Understanding The Value Of Pips In Base & Quote Currencies
Unit 2 Simple Calculations On Pip Value
Module 15 Trends and Its Types
Unit 1 What Are Trends
Unit 2 Types Of Trends
Module 16 Types Of Market Analysis
Unit 1 Fundamental Analysis
Unit 2 Technical Analysis
Unit 3 Sentimental Analysis
Module 17 Types Of Market Orders
Unit 1 Instant Execution
Unit 2 Pending Orders
Unit 3 Limit Orders
Unit 4 Stop Orders
Module 18 Traders Platform
Unit 1 Understanding MT4/MT5
Unit 2 Mobile MT4 Account Dashboard
Module 19 Understanding Stoploss & Take Profits
Unit 1 Understanding Stop-loss & Take Profits
Module 20 How To Know The Right Lots To Trade
Unit 1 How To Know The Right Lots To Trade
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