Trade With Company's Capital & Receive Up To 85% Of Profits (MFF)

Your success is our business. We have chosen to provide you with multiple product options to choose from based on your experience. If you lose, we lose so choose carefully and pick the program that really fits your FOREX trading experience and your needs! 

Earn as a professional trader

We have multiple programs to fit your expertise. Choose one of our programs and start trading, earn bonuses and profit-splits.

After getting funded, you get Forex Signal to trade on your account. You’re to make 8% returns within a month, and with our trading signals it will help you achieve it and pass the challenge. 

Easy To Start

There Is NO WASTE OF TIME . You Get Funded Right Away From ( $10k, $20k, $50k, $100k, $200k ) & Start Making Profit From Day One Using Our Trading Signals

Start Trading

You Are Becoming A Trader Of My Forex Fund (MFF) Funding Program / FX Optimal Trading Firm. Trade Responsibly And Consistently And Receive Up To 85% Of Your Profits.

Use Our Signals

After getting your funded account, you're to make 8% within a month, by using our signals you will achieve that as quick as possible. Receive Minimum Of +250pips Weekly.

Withdraw Your Profits

MFF Pays it's trader via ( Bank Transfer, PayPal and Cryptocurrency ) Profit are shared between the trader and the company up to 85% Profit Split

Get Started In Three Simple Steps

Step One

Get Your Funded Account
Ready to start making huge profits with companies capital

This is a simple solution to a lack of trading capital. Here you will choose your account sizes available on the company’s website. It will only take less than 5 minutes to get your funded account directly to you. You’re going to receive an email with the MT4 / MT5 Login details which you will use to login to the trading platform

Step Two

Trade using our forex signals
After getting funded, you need to achieve 8% Profits Within a Month

If you’re not experienced or not confident enough to trade on your own, Use our Forex Signals and we will give you minimum of +250pip WEEKLY. Here is the CALCULATIONS

If you purchase a $10,000 Trading Account  ( Cost $84 )

You’re giving a challenge to make 8% Profits within a month and most traders find that difficult.
You have nothing to worry about as we will send you profitable trading signals.

8% Profits of $10,000 = $800 ( meaning you should be making at 
least $200 weekly to complete the challenge )
And with our signals, you can easily achieve that

Step Three

Withdraw your earnings Bi-Weekly
Once you have achieve the 8% Profits Target: Then Withdrawal Comes next

My Forex Funds Pays it’s traders as fast as possible, The operate with three different withdrawal method ( PayPal, Bank Transfer, TransferWise and Cryptocurrency ) You can request your profits weekly. NOTE: There is profit shar, traders get up to 85% on profits share.

Payment Gallery

Withdrawal Proof paid to My Forex Funds traders